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Wonneberger Physical Therapy Center

The sauna dated from the 60´s and had to be renovated technically as well as functionally and in design. The result is a state-of-the-art wellness oasis newly devised in a mediterranean style. The visitor experiences the building as a wave, in which different rooms flow into each other. Different departments, e.g. the saunas, the foot spas or the cool-down areas are not separated by walls, instead they are defined by visual elements. The wave movement is strengthened by selective lights emphasizing it.

In connection with the warm colors of the basement a unique character with “cocooning-effect” is created. Quite in contrast to the upper floor, in which daylight, a bright and fresh choice of colors and the roof terrace portray an impression of heaven and openness.

This project was accomplished by the doering_müller_concept company.